5 steps to designing your future with anticipation - July 2017


Reading time - 4 minutes - July 2017

5 steps to designing your powerful future with anticipation rather than apprehension

Have you ever had any doubts or anxiety about your future that you may not be ready to face? Perhaps you are stuck and can feel mounting frustration wondering why you haven't achieved more by now? Sadly too many people don’t think about their future and often block it out. Others are apprehensive about it as they haven’t designed it well. 

I believe there are two ways to consider your future. One is with apprehension and the other is with anticipation. 

Having supported my clients integrate my enhanced models and principles into their daily lives, it's extremely rewarding to see their rapid results. Based on this experience, I would like to share my simple 5 steps to help you maximise your potential and personal power.

1) Know then break your Brules You may be wondering what Brules are? Brules are simplistic bullshit rules that we learn from our society and are taught to follow to feel accepted e.g. you have to get a higher qualification to define yourself, however this could lead to tremendous financial pressure. You know it's a Brule if you feel bad. You might experience guilt, shame or anger.

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2) Your future is the motivation for all change I believe the most rapid form of transformation is to connect with your future. This power is the motivation for all growth. Smart people want to grow however many brilliant people may not have fully worked through certain events that happened to them in the past.

Have you ever thought about what pieces of your past you are still carrying around with you today? One of my clients had a pattern of always falling out with his boss. When applying one of my enhanced models, he suddenly realised that a piece of his past had been influencing his relationships with his seniors. This also had a massive impact on his finances. When he transformed, everything else followed. 

I believe connecting with your inspiring future is the fastest source of all healing. You suddenly see the opportunities in front of you. Any fear or anxiety rapidly fades into the background.

3) Your future clarifies your identity The future either strengthens or weakens your levels of self-confidence and self-worth. 

What would your future look like if you attach more meaning to your own life? You may intend to do more though feel anxious about navigating your way through to gain clarity on your identity.

What would the future of your team or children look like if they attach more significance to their lives? They may want to be more though are concerned about their diminishing sense of self-image which leads to a distorted relationship with their future.

A client of mine recently applied a simple and effective principle to his life. He instantly went from being disempowered and lacking purpose to energised and back on track having found that missing piece in the puzzle. This insight dramatically improved the quality and effectiveness of his significant relationships. At work his tough negotiations with challenging egos became effortless. At home his family fully supported him.

I believe when you are balanced and on track, you have a clear sense of your identity.

4) Your future leads to fulfilment the more conscious and balanced you are, the more you uncover your own power and potential. When you're back on track, you become unstoppable. 

Many people’s successes are ridden with sacrifice as they haven’t recognised and overcome what is holding them back. They may have achieved an impressive degree of financial success though feel unfulfilled not having discovered the significance of their relationships or well-being. Your future is determined by the choices and decisions you make today.

Within 6 months, a client of mine went from feeling unfulfilled and anxious to tripling her business and having the courage to leave her narcissistic partner. Today all her dream clients approach her.

When you're on track, you become unstoppable. You are aware that lasting fulfilment is created by your future not your past.

5) Your future reveals your authentic self It allows you to be more, do more and have more. It enables you to get back on track and be in alignment with who you are. You can find pieces of yourself in the past and in the present but it’s the future that puts them together and gives them meaning, realness and fulfilment.

Many leaders and people fake their levels of realness not being true to their authentic selves. They may have no one to confide in or trust at that level which can be rather lonely and isolating. 

I believe that your level of significance is based on the amount of good you contribute to others, your growth and happiness. Smart people want to grow. You know that what has happened in your life isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility. 

When you are true to your authentic self, you create lasting fulfilment and effortlessly maximise your potential.

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Elisabeth Steel