Why your goal is progress not perfection - June 2017

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Reading time - 4 minutes - June 2017

Do you beat yourself up and feel guilty when not achieving your goals or getting through your to-do list? You may want to be more though can feel overwhelmed and worry you will fail.

Are you listening to your inner chatter box or monkey mind telling you that you're not good enough and should be a better boss, parent or mentor to those who look up to you? You may want to be the best you can though are concerned about making a mistake and looking foolish in front of others.

Based on my own experience having lived in extraordinary environments and worked with exceptional people, I have developed 6 simple lessons to turn perfectionism, inaction and your inner chatter box into progress. This may help you get clear on whether you are creating your progress based on compassion and balance in mind and body.

6 simple lessons to turn perfectionism and procrastination into progress

1) Perfection is an illusion Have you ever noticed that when you try and be perfect, you end up not achieving as much as you want? It may take much longer to get there.  You may worry that your work and efforts will never be enough or accepted by others. I believe that perfectionists have low self-esteem. Don't try and be perfect like a robot. One of my clients learned that his 80% is most other people's 160%. Learn to do your best within a set time frame.

2) Your mind wants to keep you small Are you frustrated with your inner chatter box and don't know know to control it? Have you ever noticed that 95% of the time, your mind tells you to watch out, look out, don't do this because something bad will happen? I believe that is not who you are. Your mind doesn't care if you achieve your goals or not. It is trying to protect you and keep you small. One of my clients started applying simple techniques to manage his inner chatter box mind and took fearless action. Within a week, he won a new contract worth over $200,000.

3) Get clear on what you want Are you anxious about not having the clarity you need to take inspired action and move forward? Have you ever flip flopped on your goals or had scattered energy? Procrastination is a state of inaction and indecision. I believe you first want to get clear on what you really want and "why" you want. When you understand the "why" then you won't quit during moments of doubt. When you feel inspired, you overcome procrastination with ease and rapidly create what you want. Start taking small steps in the right direction every day. I believe clarity and inspiration magnify progress and your potential.

4) Focus on what you want Long term procrastination can make you feel like a spectator in your own lives (no dead lines). You don't want to end up feeling frustration not that you weren’t able to achieve your dreams but that you haven’t even started to chase them when the deadlines aren’t there. I believe that life is a gift. Don't waste your time and talents. Aim to focus on what you want not on what you don't want. One of my clients started applying this universal principle into her life and within a short period signed a nationwide deal with leading distributors.

5) Be fully present and balanced Balance is about having quality and effective time in the priority areas in your life, not equal amounts of time e.g. when you are deep in work, be fully present and have work energy. A CEO client of mine starting applying my enhanced models and principles into her daily practice. She noticed that not only was her boardroom presentation and message much more effective and powerful, she also enjoyed it more. Aim to be fully present and balanced in body and mind.

6) Practise compassion When you apply my enhanced models such as advanced gratitude practices in your daily life, you stop beating yourself up and become fully present and balanced. When you learn to let go and practise self-compassion, you become more compassionate towards others. When you transform, everything else follows.

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