Why coaching works 

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Have you ever dreamt of giving a Ted Talk or inspiring your team around you to be worthy of success and to maximise their potential? You may want to explore your strengths at board level though are concerned about navigating through the egos and dynamics which can be emotionally and intellectually challenging. 

Imagine waking up each morning feeling energised and eager to start your day. How would it feel knowing you are back on track?

I show you how to be more and make your mark without sacrificing your mental well-being or relationships with people you care about.

I help you uncover your "why" so you stay on purpose and won't quit.

Coaching is the most powerful and rapid form of transformation for courageous people who want to create a better world and ultimately leave a legacy behind. You wake up every morning feeling fulfilled and excited to take risks with a deep awareness of your own power. You see all the possibilities and opportunities in front of you. With renewed confidence you learn to adapt and think even bigger than you had previously imagined in a constantly evolving world.

By coaching for powerful inspiration and mind-shifts, you consciously expand your awareness of yourself and the world around you. You start to upgrade the quality of the questions you ask yourself and discover how to magnify your effectiveness as you accelerate towards your vision.

Have you ever had a problem that others may know about and you didn’t even know you had?  It isn’t that you can’t see the solution, it’s that you can’t see the problem. I show you how to create best outcomes to problems and maximise your potential.

Often what helped you get to your current level of success is precisely what may be holding you back from creating that sense of lasting fulfilment in order to maximise your power.

Are you feeling frustrated with your BRULES?

Brules are “Bullshit rules” that are simplistic rules we learn from our society often passed down from generation to generation. We are taught to follow these BRULES in order to feel successful and accepted.

When exploring your BRULES and releasing old patterns and fears that no longer benefit you, you consciously choose to only keep the ones that propel you towards your goals. With ease you risk being yourself and are back on track.

What is truly empowering is having a professional with a highly calibrated BS detector!

I see what no one else can see and say what no one else is bold enough to say. You tell your truth and dare to be your authentic self and I make sure you know that who you really are is so much more extraordinary.

When you get to experience this every week and apply my prosperous principles and enhanced models into your own life on a daily basis, you rapidly create what you want and build your life based on your dreams. Sadly, many people only get to experience this feeling once a year when on holiday, and then it's back to "reality," where your future dreams rapidly fade back into the background.

My coaching is not for everyone. For those who say YES and work together with me, I say all aspects of your life will rapidly transform for the better.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of working together, please contact me here to request a coaching conversation.

80% of success in life is showing up! Get your free success checklist today to get you started and holding yourself accountable.

Elisabeth Steel


Problems can’t be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.
— Albert Einstein