Elisabeth Steel

Do you have a dream or goal that feels impossible to reach? 

My greatest strength lies in giving you lasting confidence to maximise your potential in an ever changing world.


Who I am

Known by brilliant leaders as The Significance Coach, I am (member of National Speakers Association, certified QSCA Coach, Global Mentors, NZTE Service Provider, DiSC Trainer, BCom) a courageous and compassionate Mindset Coach. Being future focused I firmly believe that you can achieve your ultimate definition of success without sacrifice, fear or loss.

With a unique background of proven performance in business, adventure and well-being (anti-cancer and slowing down ageing research), I reach beyond limits by collaborating with your mind to expand your awareness of who you are. When integrating my enhanced models and principles such as advanced success journaling and quantum physics into your daily lives, you start to see the possibilities in front of you and magnify who you can become. 

I show you how to bypass stress and embrace fear as you maximise your purpose, power and potential in a constantly changing world. Any doubts or anxiety fade into the background as you start to see your world differently. You rapidly create results that seemed impossible moments ago and feel significant and alive with a renewed sense of personal and business growth


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Elisabeth Steel in Bagan with local kids Elisabeth Steel Photography

Turning fear into fun is the gift of opportunity.

Joe Gebbia – Co-Founder of AirBnB