I firmly believe that you can have, be or do anything you strongly desire in work and life without sacrifice.

I am always looking for new challenges, whether it’s slowing down ageing, capturing precious moments on camera, or crafting a bespoke workshop for my clients. All the photography you can see here is my own. 

We are living in a continuously evolving world. I believe when we are aware of our core values, beliefs and Brules, we can integrate enhanced models into our daily lives with ease. This enables us to magnify who we are whilst living a more inspired and meaningful life. 

Ultimately what legacy do you want to create to leave your world a better place? 



1.  Get clear on what you really want

I believe when you get clear on what you really want, the faster you get results. You accelerate towards your goals that seemed impossible moments ago. When you don't know what you want, you tend to flip flop on your goals and stagnate. Certainty is useful for a while though you can get frustrated from your own roadblocks.

2.  Risk being yourself

I believe when you risk being yourself, you embrace your uniqueness. You start to operate from authenticity, self-respect and lasting confidence. Your need for acceptance and approval can make you invisible in this world.

3.  Turn fear into your friend

I believe when you turn fear into your friend, you magnify who you can be. You stop listening to your "realistic" reasons for not being where you want to be. Realism is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of pessimism. 

4.  Create balance and success without sacrifice

I believe you can create balance, lasting happiness and success in all areas of your life without sacrifice, fear or loss. When you slow down, you improve the quality of your life and thrive. 

How I can help you from success to signficance

Broken tree in Hsipaw, Myanmar Elisabeth Steel Photography

I believe that whatever your problem is, it’s not your fault but it is your responsibility. 

Elisabeth Steel